Good Ideas 4

The following ideas have helped me.

  • I want to parent myself the way I wish I had my girls.

  • If one person in a relationship changes, the relationship changes, but not necessarily for the better.

  • If one person in a relationship gets better, the other person either gets better too, or else gets worse.

  • -Living with the disease of alcoholism is a life of eternal crisis.

  • A slogan: “Think. Don’t just react.” Think your response through with your sponsor.

  • ”Don’t Think” could also be a slogan. I don’t need to endlessly analyze myself and my life. I cannot think myself out of my disease.

  • I cannot heal my sick mind with my sick mind.

  • I grew up not trusting process. I felt if I could not succeed at something the first time I tried it, I would never do it again.

  • ”When my husband was drinking, I had one hundred problems. When he quit drinking, I still had ninety nine.

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