1.I am grateful for the foundation for life the Bible provides for me. 2. I am thankful Gina and Chad who have stood by me during this pandemic 3. I am thankful for Jill and Eric because I now they love me and have given such pleasure and help. 4. I am grateful for JoAnna and Matt who always speak well of me and to me. 5, I am grateful for my Washington grand daughters and the fun we had together as they were growing up. 6. I am grateful for my Chicago granddaughters and that we felt instant love the very second we met face to face.

7. I am grateful for that all the paintings hung on my wall were done by people I know. 8. I am grateful for how comfortable the mattress on bed is. 9.I am grateful for my succulents growing on my balcony. 10. I have a group of 6 or 8 people from my program I have known for at least 20 years. We have a conference call every Sunday evening. 12. I am so grateful for my wonderful and reliable car.

18. I am grateful for for God’s love. 19. For the fact that God loves me the same on my worse day as She/He does on my best day. 20. I am grateful that every person who ever lived will enjoy the bliss of Heaven for all eternity. 20. I am grateful that my realization of Gods love is far more wonderful that it has ever been. 21. I am grateful that no matter the high level of my belief in God, God’s love is in reality infinitely higher. 22. I am grateful that God is never mad at anyone. He/she is always loving. “God Is Love.

13. I am grateful for the fact that I eat abundant and delicious food each day. 14. I am grateful for this computer and the pleasure it gives me. 15. I am grateful for george which is my website. 16. I am grateful for the fact that I have over 700 entries posted. I am grateful for the people in North America, Europe Asia and South America that visit my sight. 17. I am grateful for the hundreds if not thousands of people that love me and the things I write.

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