Easy For God

I think that most men people that came in to the mission knew at some level that “God Is Love” That came to them from endless people sharing the gospel in our chapel. In addition they needed to know that God loved them personally.

Decades ago I knew a man named Eddie who came to the Rescue Mission where I worked. I had talked to Eddie many times wanting to build his confidence in the reality that God loved him. I felt I knew that Eddie erroneously felt that he was not worthy of God’s love.

Every Sunday Eddie attended church at Church Of The Open Door or “COD” as-the church was commonly known. I was not working on that Sunday so I didn’t hear his story until Monday when I came in on Monday Eddie was waiting for me. We went into my office so he could talk to me.

Once the office door was closed Eddie told me his story. He said “George, the pastor preached a wonderful sermon. He told us that not only love the world but God loves me, Eddie, too. I felt so happy for Eddie. I didn’t matter to me at all that Eddie had his break through from someone else.

The fact is that God does not reward good behavior or punish bad behavior. God always loves us because “God Is Love” That means that God loves us the same on our worst days as She/He does on our best days. God’s love is always surprising. No matter how strongly I feel God’s love HE/She loves way, way more we can ever imagine.

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