Tender Love

I love to watch documentaries on space. Sometimes I have watched documentaries in which some wonderful scientist tries to help me feel just how huge the universe is or how old our Solar System is. The best part of those presentations are to me is more and more often the presenter is a woman.

I have four sisters, four daughters and four granddaughters. Woman’s rights is a big issues. My granddaughters Parker and Greta have founded a movement called “Nerdy Girls”. If you want you can google their movement. It is wildly successful.

Please follow me back back to my main point. The various efforts made to help me grasp how huge or how old the Universe is are fun to watch but I still cannot grasp the numbers involved.

I took a long flight to London once and to the Greek Islands on an earlier vacation. That means I have some sense of four or five thousand miles. However the most I can really grapple with is about three thousand miles. I can feel about that distance because i have driven back and forth across the U.S. several times.

I feel the same about understanding Gods love. i believe God loves me the same on my worst day as She/He does on my nest day. I also see God’s love as surprising. No ,matter how much I think God loves me He/She loves me way more than I able to understand.I find that the more I feel that God loves me the more I am able to love you. There is something about realizing I am forgiven that helps me to forgive you.

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