I Love The Beach

I live in Long Beach, California. Many decades ago someone wanted to turn the beach in long Beach into a harbor. A rock barrier was built so our beach would be calm and welcoming to commercial ships.

One of the results of the remaking of the Long Beach is Long Beach Harbor was more or less connected to Los Angeles Harbor, Taken together the two joined harbors are one very large harbor. That harbor serves vessels from all over the Pacific Ocean.

As a young man living in San Diego I vowed to myself I would go swimming in the ocean every day. I did it for a year and a half. At the time I was attending San Diego State University. To get home each day I drove through Mission Valley on Hwy 80. To get to the beach all I had to do was to stay on 80 past 395 North and keep going west to the beach. I loved to do that.

My commitment to swim in the ocean every day meant I definitely did lots of swimming in very cold winter weather. The night swimming turned out to be very enjoyable. At night the air was very cold. The water at night was warmer that the breezy air. For a couple of minutes the water seemed very cold but then the situation reversed and the air was cold and the water seemed warm and comfortable.

After my swim when I got home I soon was comfortably cozy in my bed. I often put off my studies to morning. That did not work at all. For seven semesters in a row I either dropped out of my classes or failed them.

I ended up getting a graduate degree when God had healed me enough to enjoy my studies and to find out I loved to learn. Today I feel that making learning a miserable experience is a disaster in the mind of God.

In retrospect failing in college was a good thing. I planed to be a minister of a church. The churches I was aiming for were self righteous and judgemental. My personality was so damaged that a church like that would have eaten me alive because I was so guilt driven anyway at that time.

My desire given by God to be a minister finally got expressed when I decided to make working at skidrow missions my career. I was President of the Union Rescue Mission in Los Angeles. I also worked at the Boston mission and the Oxnard,CA mission. Those small missions were wonderful for me. My hearts desire was to mix and get to know street people. That was easy to do at the smaller missions.

The LA experience was wonderful to me. I worked there for several decades I stayed there long enough to see Union Rescue Mission housed in a brand new, well designed and welcoming to the homeless building. The new Mission was also completely paid for and debt free. Also by the time I left the Mission Board was integrated with Latinos, Women and Blacks on the board and in board positions of power. During my tenure Ministries to women, teens, families and children were up and became wonderful.

For decades I have been retired. I will be 82 in a few weeks. My outreach is now my website GeorgeCaywood.com. I have well over 700 hundred entries. I was told that people from 19 countries all over the world have visited my site. I am a happy and very healthy for my age. My lifelong struggle with my weight frustrates me but I do exercise regularly

If you are reading this you have become my family and reward me with love and encouragement. My spiritual life is and has been centered around trying to grasp the stunning love of God. I realize that God loves me the same on my worst day as She/He does on my best day. I also still love Long Beach and I love living close to the water although it is more about getting my feet wet than it is about swimming.

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