What God Does For Us

I don’t think God is as worried by my sinfulness as I am. To God, Jesus, the cross and the resurrection have dealt with whatever needs to be dealt with because of my character defects.

God and I have an ironclad contract arranged, enacted by God Himself/Her self. Read Romans 8 and you will see God’s part in all this. It says “Those He predestined He also called those He called He also justified those He also glorified

I am not going to try to explain all there is in this passage. That is a task that I do for myself and not for you. However, what should be obvious to us both is that this passage tells us that the salvation of the whole world and all it’s people has been, is now and for all eternity will be the work of God alone.

I have come to deeply realize that my failings are all dealt with by God through Jesus. When I sin it is taken care of before I ask and is taken care of whether on not I ask. I am asked to confess not because God needs me to do it. I think I need to confess so I know that God knows and loves me unreservedly.

Sometimes I have wanted my salvation to rely on my own good works. I have not wanted to be totally in need of divine help. My early reliance upon the willingness offered by people he should have been responsible for my sense of security seemed to me to depend om me being a good boy. Unlike my unreliable human parents God care for me is always near and immediate.

I thi

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