One time someone said to me “My prayers do not go beyond my ceiling” I answered,”Why do you think they have to go past the ceiling?

there is no where God is not there. How far is the East From the West. East and West go directly in opposite directions. If you somehow need forgiveness way off to the west God would love to give it to you way out there,

Way out west so God could give you the forgiveness gladly but I have a feeling He would be anxious to sh,ow you the sights.

God is infinite in love, good cheer, patience, cheerfulness. No wonder the Psalmist Said in wonder, What is man that you love us? We are the total delight of his heart

When were little they were a total delight to me. We are total delight to Her and to Him. Remember we were created in the image of Gods femaleness and his masculinity

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