Looks like I am going to relocate into a perfectly lovely place for senior center in a few weeks. I live and have lived in a really nice section 8 housing center. From wonderful place to live to another place to live.

There were six kids in our family. My dad worked hard to support us and grew a small garden.in the sand of Coronado Island. It was tough but great fun too. There were always 15 0r so to play with. We had a baseball team and endless games played on the grass between the Apartment buildings

Today the move coming has stirred fearful memories. How long before those ancient memories get buried in the days, weeks, months, years of steady meals. That speaks to a misunderstanding on my part.

When I joined An Anon I imagined that if I worked hard enough I would get rid of all those powerful fears. Finally I understood the truth. I would never get rid of all the wounds from all those years ago.

A Psychologist once said “This is the definition of Psychology”. A stone falls off a fence. It remains a stone. A boy falls off a fence he becomes “The boy that fell off the fence”. That is no tragedy. If you notice I am still the boy that fell off the fence to remind myself of an important reality and write about it. I also relating my life to you hoping to bless you.

The point is here I can not get rid of the pain. No use trying. but you can over time and with honesty and transparency you can gradually learn to manage the painful things.

One other thing I want to point out. My Dad shot himself with my gun when I was fifteen. In the many hundreds of times I have mentioned that awful event it always caused someone in the audience after the meet ended to confide the suicide in their family or among their close friends

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