I am persuaded that my Mother did not treasure me. They tell me I was very cute and got attention from many people that came my way. Pictures of me if pasted to a wall could have been wall paper there were that many duplicates.

I was forth among my siblings. I think the main value I was that I got a lot for her to enjoy that eased her discomfort. I do not hold bad feelings toward her. I now know much more sympathy for her now that I know more about her.

Many people wounded her I do not know about. The thing is people have wounded her who had people who wounded them. I can imagine a long series of people wounding people right back to Adam and Eve and then through them from the people who lived as neighbors to them’

Then we could talk just as easy talk about the people I wounded. Once at a large meeting of people who worked at Rescue Missions from across the country.

As I waited to begin speaking I noticed how big the crowd was going to be. They kept adding chair after chairs. I was the CEO of what was the largest mission in the country.

I had a phrase I wanted to use to open my talk. When I opened my mouth to speak another phrase came out. I stood there wondering what to do. I finally understood what was going on. As the arrogant leader of my very large and well financed mission I had sometimes acted with a sense of conceit towed my brothers and sisters.

In mission circles I was generally well liked so the atmosphere was not stressed at all. The cloud became one person and we all enjoyed the love.

I am reminded of that now because I am remembering “The Lord laid on him the iniquity of us all” What ever sins were in that crowd had been washed right out of that room and out of the world.

We all know that we wrong a person if we let them wound us. We have a right and duty to lovingly. if that is possible, accept ourselves.

However we all need to be as kind and merciful as really works.

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