Do not misunderstand. I have been able to live a satisfying rewarding life, underneath it all I still carry abundant pain from the events of my earliest boyhood, At first a leaved in boyhood dream in Tucson.Arizona. I was the forth of six children 4 sisters and a great brother. There were wonderful aunts around too.

During the early days of the second world war my family moved to San Diego so my dad could work in the Aircraft Industry. My sisters stayed in Arizona for a year or two. We lived in the Bedroom of a large home, I was often alone with my mom during the day, She was very, any over having to leave Tucson, I do not remember any specific abuse but I think I feel that abuse deep in side of me.

Later we moved to a very nice Naval Housing project. That provided some peace for my mom,. Here again I remember no specific abuse but was so thrilled when My dad came home,

We moved over and over several years ending up in a project with both black and White neighbors’

Those years are full of unpleasantness.

That id why I love the verse In the Gospel of John that says “In my Fathers House are Many mansions. I long for the days when I finally pass into my safe and secure home in heaven,

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