All Good Days

I go through a routine most days. I have that routine because of the pandemic. Before the pandemic I had a very satisfying life because of 25 years in Al Anon. I went to 3 t0 5 meetings every week.

When covid 19 hit I felt in a year we would be able to get back to normal. I was satisfied I could fill my life for a year, The the variant hit and I faced another year of pandemic hit, Now I faced a second year of the pandemic. I live by myself but my eldest daughter and her family live within a few miles of me and my other two daughter who live in WA state and Chicago are very good about phone calls ever month or so we stay in touch.

My wonderful long term friends from years past are still nearby and we stay in touch by phone or by sharing a meal.

That makes me realize that God loves me and is near me every day. I am trying to learn that my life is full of divine love and and provision. The result is I wake up dreading a long empty day but by the time I am ready to sleep I Have had another good day, That helps to remember to pray for all those brave people who are suffering beneath Russian cruelty,

Love, George

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