Wars And Rumors Of Wars

Bad things are all around me. Russian Invasion of a friendly neighbor is second on my list after a new even more contagious variant disease is in the top spot. Why am I not fearful? My 83 year life is the reason.

I have been very tested all my life including having a very severe mom. Also the suicide of my dad when I was 15 done with my gun that I put in his hands by me.

All the seeming disasters like many others seem to be more understandable as the decades roll by, I am learning ever more deeply my Higher Powers willingness, to take me through all the painful happenings I have endured and matured me ever more deeply with each awful event,

At 83 I am closer to death ever day, I do not want to die but I know it is coming, I remember my encounter with my aunt Laura. She was close to death with cancer at the time, I asked her if she if she was afraid of dying. She said I am not afraid of being dead but the minute I realize it is over makes me nervous.

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