Learning To Read Again

There is a lot of articles showing that when a person watches TV to pass the time away as in a pandemic they loose some ability to read for leisure. I have always loved to read. When I used to go see my Grand kids in Washington on a two week vacation the girls would have the room where I stayed all decorated with flowers from their garden plus a stack of readable books from the library for me to read. I would soon have read through all those books and be asking for more.

We would read from the Old Testament mainly the book of Genesis one verse at a time passing the Bible from lid to kid. Most of the kids could read but I was 4 years old. When it was my turn to read Dad would point at a word and if I could I read it. If I couldn’t read I tried to sound it out. Once I worked out the word as best I could until I could read it, When I started school I could already read, After I struggled with Melchisedec during devotions “Run Dick Run” was pretty boring,

Because of the pandemic I lost my reading ease, I am reading every day, mostly magazines I am getting to be a better and better reader, Love, George

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