I am walking for exercise several tmes a day now. My legs never say Lets get off the couch and go for a walk!! However, they’re more ready than they use to be and that is because my legs know I am not going to over exercise loike I use to. I am 84 years … More OLDER AND WISER


When I was only A few day old I got m a very serious case of the whooping cough. I was at the door of death. My coughing was nearly connstant and loud. My family was living with my grandparents at the time so was there were lots of big sisters and aunts and uncles … More GOOD WORKERS


When Jesus Cleansed Out the temple in Jerusalem he probably was not as upset with the retail sales going on selling religious favors giving entry to the Holy Temple in Jerusalem as he was that this activity benefited the rich at the expense of the impoverished folks. These people wanted to worship God they did … More POOR AND RICH


I Am 840 years old. There is a man younger than me who I wsh was my friend tonight. He is 82years old and in a hospital, I am wanting to tell him I love him, There is a well known politicization who made a joke about this tragedy, I fill sorry for her because … More LOVE OF MONEY


For me, many decades of time have already gone by.Truthfully, I pray that my time on earth will soon be past, My life has been a satisfying life but I feel like I have done my share already. The appeal now to me lies in my true hope of spending eternity with my Heavenly Father. … More AS TIME GOES BY


Do not misunderstand. I have been able to live a satisfying rewarding life, underneath it all I still carry abundant pain from the events of my earliest boyhood, At first a leaved in boyhood dream in Tucson.Arizona. I was the forth of six children 4 sisters and a great brother. There were wonderful aunts around … More PAIN UPON PAIN


I am enjoying my old age even though being 84 is not nearly as old as some I have known. Years ago I used to visit the elderly to cheer them up. I found out they cheered me up more than I did them. I enjoyed over exaggerating the pace and next I exaggerated the … More OLD AGE


I am persuaded that my Mother did not treasure me. They tell me I was very cute and got attention from many people that came my way. Pictures of me if pasted to a wall could have been wall paper there were that many duplicates. I was forth among my siblings. I think the main … More GROWING UP


With out doubt the only total love any of us experience. That God wanted me to know he had total love for me was the reason Jesus came and loved teaching us face to face about the absolute in the universe. God began showing us more about His love as Jesus lived out his life. … More TOTAL LOVE