Getting Through This Together

I like to treat myself at a particular juice bar smoothie store here i.n Long Beach California. A few years ago I had the chance to talk with the owner of this smoothy store for a few minutes. I found out that I had been going to her smoothie bar for just one year less than it had been in business which was sixteen years.

I stopped in there just a few days ago. I mostly get their medium sized mango juice concoction. It costs $5.99. I gave her a ten dollar bill so my change was four dollars and one cent.

The young girl serving me seemed like she might be a college student at Long Beach State University which is nearby. I told the her to keep the change.I did that because I knew it must have been tough for her to get by financially because of this pandemic.

When she had made my smoothie she said “Are you sure you want me to keep the change because it is four dollars and one cent”? I put on my most contemplative face as if I was thinking my tip over for a few seconds. Then I said “Thanks that IS a sizeable amount”. Then to her surprise I said “Give me back the penny”. She looked at me and said “Oh Thank you so much sir”.

When I got back to my car I sat there and thought things over. It had been a very good experience for me. I thought “You know, we really will get through this pandemic if we do it together”.

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