1. One of my adult kids and I have a shattered relationship. When I consider how and why that happened I notice one thing. All my personal research into how my broken relation with her began I consistently conclude’ “It wasn’t my fault”.
  2. I understand why I do not easily accept responsibility for my tragic situation. It is because the loss of our relationship is so utterly painful There was a time when she and I were very close.
  3. If I accept my own responsibility in this mess I vastly improve my hope for a rekindled relationship between us .
  4. I do not think God worries about my failings. All of my foolish mistakes are part of my contract with God thanks to Jesus and His death and resurrection.
  5. Look at this verses from 1 John “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness”
  6. It is not just that my sins are forgiven. I also am freed from all unrighteousness be it past or present. My sin simply no longer exists. It is gone. If I choose to keep bring up my sins I am failing to accept by faith that I am totally a new creature just like St Paul commands me. It does not please God if I insist on flogging myself over my self blaming memories.
  7. I am taught that my sin is removed as far as the East is from West. The distance between the East and the West can only be expressed as infinite. It goes on gaining more distant every second of every day.

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