The Faith God Wants

Of course God wants us to have faith in Him/Her. But the faith I am lacking is not so much faith in God. My faith in God has steadily increased in the many decades I have been following Jesus Christ. However, there is another category of faith I believe God wants me to emphasize now. It is the faith I have in myself in a way.

The Bible tells me I am a new creature in Christ. It is not that I will gradually become a new creature as I gradually improve myself. It is not that I will become a new creature through a steady diet of good things like prayer, Bible study and good deeds.

Bible study, prayer and good deeds are wonderful habits but they can not make you a new creature for one very good reason. You are already a new creature.

Suppose U buy a new car. If I bought a new car today I think it would be a Honda Accord coupe. At that point you come over to see me. I say “I am going to drive carefully, do maintenance on time and keep it washed and vacuumed so someday it will be a new car”. All those car maintenance practises are great things to do but it will not make my coupe a new car because it is already a new car without me doing any good car habits.

It is now 7:24PM on 11/20/2020. At this very second I am a new creature. Exactly one day from now at 7:24 PM on 11/21/2020 I will have been a new creature for one more day . Exactly one minute from now at 7:25PM on 11/21/2020 I will have been a new creature for one more minute. Every minute after God has chosen to make me a new creature I will remain a new creature. There is never any waiting involved.

At whatever minute I live in from now on in all my life I ever live I will be a new creature. When did I start being a new creature I don’t know. If you like. when we are both in Heaven we can ask God exactly when She/he made me a new creature. All I need to know is I am a new creature at whatever minute I am in.

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