Here is a huge number,

1oo,ooo,ooo,ooo,ooo,ooo,ooo, I read about this number when I was thinking about the impossibly huge number of stars in the Universe. That number is the estimated number of the stars.

In the Bible I found out that the stars are God’s Handiwork. Also know from the Bible that God knows them all by name.

When I was married my wife made me a big picture in needle point of a lion. I wanted it so when a street man who was pretty drunk told me he only had one beer I could point at the picture and say “That is the only “lion” “I allow in my office.

That beautiful picture was the handiwork of my wife. She had made something wonderful for me with her hands. It was her handiwork.

The stars were made by God only using his hands and fingers.The stars are God’s handiwork It is beyond me to imagine what our Father could have made if She/He had used a one 1% of her/his great power

That illustrates what is meant by God that the tiniest “mustard seed faith in such a great power can move mountains.

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