Young George

My group of friends and I did a lot of wonderful things together when I was in my twenties. For example we loved to take weekend driving marathons. One time on a three day weekend we drove to British Columbia. Two of the guys had nice new cars. It is a mystery to me where I got the money to go along. I think I remember Duane Tubbs, who was a well paid engineer at a young age, helped me out.

We brought along some food on our trips but mostly we stopped at grocery stores along the way. Restaurants were too expensive for us and also took to much time. We drove through the nights and more or less ignored hygiene. After a restroom break it took real courage to get back into the car again.

We took many other trips too. We went to places like Yosemite, The Grand Canyon and Crater Lake. If it sounded fun we did it.

We also went to Iowa to visit Duane’s folks. They lived in a small farming city in Iowa. We hit town with our five young California guys in a new Chevy Convertible. We created quite a stir believe me. It was so much fun.

Another thing we loved was playing touch football every Sunday afternoon. after Church. We played in the huge grassy areas in Balboa Park in San Diego. The only drawback was the sprinkler heads that watered all that grass. To be going out for a pass at full speed and stepping on the sprinkler head hurt like crazy. No one broke any bones luckily.

My moment of glory was when on a team with six playesr on the team I was the successful quarterback on a triple reverse with a completed pass touchdown. We were so excited and laughed and screamed with all our excited might. We were not the Rams but we thought we were at that moment.

We usually went to our favorite Mexican restaurant in Old Town San Diego. Of course our manhood had to be tested by eating their hottest pepper. Privately eating the pepper did not seem like a great idea to me because it made the food a bit tasteless in my burnt out mouth. However, I never learned and did it week after week.

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