God’s Four Letter Word

I don’t think most of you know that God has a four letter word. The word is WAIT!

Years ago I ran with a group of maybe fifteen of us that ran around together. Most of the time it included my daughters. Once we played a game where we went around the circle telling the group what we wanted on our tombstone. I don’t remember what anyone else suggested but what I said is burned in my mind. I said “I TRIED” as my tombstone message

Perfectionism was the methodology of choice in my effort to please my unpleaseable Mom. I would slam the door and she would scream out “George why can’t you ever learn not to slam the door”. My mind went “Important! never slam the door”. After some time when by I got “George, can’t you ever close just close the door. What’s wrong with you” instead.

That is why I chose “He Tried” as my preferred grave marker. I have out out grown that now but once in a while it still slips in.

I have another saying now. It is “Practice Makes Progress” That is so true. It makes possible a relaxed emotional growth that encourages healthy mistake making.

Decades ago there was a magazine series that identified what made the ten best companies so successful. I think it was 3M that said they were worried when the employees weren’t making mistakes because it showed they had lost their creative edge.

I make lost of mistakes. The thing I try to do is notice my mistakes and learn from them. Please note: I succeed at learning from my mistakes very imperfectly. I love living my life all relaxed. I do that imperfectly too.

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