My Imaginatiom

Years ago, I was in a very low place in my family life, in my professional life and in my spiritual life. At that time I met a man at church whose name was Warren. I liked what I heard him saying when he gave devotionals. He seemed very bright, articulate, informed, and sensitive. I asked him if he would meet with me once a week and help me get my feet on the ground spiritually. He introduced me to classical prayers and Bible study methods. He was very helpful to me. We met for about two years.

On one occasion he asked me to imagine my perfect life. If I had the life of my dreams what would it look like? I told him I had a linear mind and that I simply did not have an imagination with sufficient power to come up with my dream life. He accepted my refusal and just moved on to another topic.

About forty five minutes later, as we were about to leave the park where we met, he said, “George, I don’t want to tell you this, but I think I better. I had a vision of you that I truly think was from God. I am telling you so that you can prepare yourself for the trouble that is coming. I saw you as a street person. You were absolutely destitute. You seemed very depressed and in a poor state of health.”

He continued talking in that vein for a few minutes. As he was talking, I could feel the panic rising in me. The longer he talked the more anxious I got. He did not let me get too frightened, just anxious enough to make his point.

Then he said, “There is not a word of truth in what I told you. I never have visions from God and I certainly don’t think God would give me such a vision. I only wanted you to have to admit that you have a very powerful imagination. Your problem is that you are used to using your imagination negatively.”

He made his point. I have learned to use my imagination in a far more positive way in the intervening years.

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