The Love of Justice

The Woman’s March was such a good thing to happen. In fact, my ever deepening to civil rights came from defending civil rights. I am talking about my own 4 daughters, The Christian HS and Junior High school. The HS enraged me with there attitude toward girl students, I did not swallow my anger and defended them vigorously.One of my girls led a protest because a pregnant girl was not allowed to attend classes and was to have her right to walk at her graduation but the boy that got her pregnant was not dealt with at all.
At the Mission where I worked had no women’s ministry when I first went there. In the end there was a women’s work including women with children. Every thing we did in English. we did in Spanish we did in English. We got women and non white people on the board and at the VP level on staff.WE had gays on staff though they were not openly gay. They did feel free to bring the fact that they were gay to me to talk about it . People of Color and women were on executive board members.

I would not allow my girls to watch “I Love LUCY” because I did not want them to grow up thinking the only power they could exercise was to be dishonest and manipulative. And so on. Am I bragging? Yes I am but also I am expressing thanks to God for the understandings I have even if it did cost me living through a brutal abusive boyhood. I certainly do not feel that god willed that brutality on me but that since I endured the horror She/He made sure I got full tuition value.

I respect and appreciate the fact that Michelle has already begun a powerful movement to help girls and women in the countries in which they are so abused. I also believe that the sense of fairness that Gandhi and others like him clear back to Charlemagne in France is unstoppable. I think Paul’s declaration that there is no difference “Male and female, Jew and Greek, slave and free” has had far more significance that we can eve dream of. Things take time. How many thousands of years passed after Abraham before God could send Christ.

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