The Love of Money

I think everyone should consider the advice that Jesus gave. If we had we may have thought differently about voting for Trump. The trouble was that Hillary also was a lover of money. Bernie was the only candidate that passed this test. I would have voted for him except I was afraid of rump. [Oops, A Freudian slip. Do you know about Freudian slips? They are black and lacey. ]

It is a good thing to be rich if you are like the Gates. They made a nearly an infinite amount of money, were not satisfied with money and turned to vigorously to helping others. My granddaughters Parker Mayer and Greta Mayer stated a nonprofit called Nerdy Girls to help girls consider technical careers in part because of what Gates has done.

The problem comes when you worship money. I think that depending upon anything for security and joy becomes idolatry. There is so much power and wisdom in the quote “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and her/his righteousness and all the rest comes your way.” [Modified by king george]

If you are interested, I published a book called “Escaping Materialism” I named it that because I realized that materialism was a cruel and greedy monster that I desperately wanted to escape. I sensed the love of money was deep in my heart.

One thought on “The Love of Money

  1. I had this exact same conversation with a friend this week. A lot can be done with money, a lot of good works, we can change peoples lives in the name of Jesus with the blessings He gives to us, we just need to be good stewards when it comes to money, after all isn’t it His money anyway?

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