The Lords Prayer

This is how I learned it as a small boy. Maybe my dad taught it to me and it is possible That my dearly beloved cousin Willis taught it to me. In this writing I want to feel things as I did as a small boy. In a way I may be trying to get to know myself in a way I don’t find possible as a 84 year old man. Probably I am writing this so my wonderful friends today can know me a little better.

Our Father Which art in Heaven.

I think that in ancient times Father was far and away your most important parent, He defended you from really dangerous enemies and did the farming that fed you. It is good for me to remember that God has provided me every bit I have eaten because God has given us the soil we have to have and the water and sunshine that is necessary for me to eat. I remember my dad going off to North Island Naval center every day. I knew what time he was coming home and tried to meat him part way home. Very often on the way home he was passing out christian Tracks.with a huge smile on his face. That God is in Heaven in my mind has little meaning. Being In Heaven speaks of his authority and power due to him as crater and he who takes such pleasure in this little boy I was back then.

As I think over it I realize the main reason I write about anything is that I love to write. I do hope there are lots of you who read what I write. I hope you are touched, blessed or helped by what I write. That would maybe be because I feel you and I have been connected us together to bless us both. Love,George

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