With the death of my friend Diane , the Queen Of England and the vast celebrations in the UK The death decades earlier I find myself shedding tears today; The tears are so unusual for me as I had been so powerfully ingrained as a boy that Big Boys never cry as was a very popular song years back also


The UK celebrations and my love of my friend Diane a few days ago made me long to weep but settled for a few very welcome tears.

I am reminded that the Biggest boy of all time, Jesus of Nazareth wept too. I want to have My Loving God give me back my old man tears as I am now 84 years old. I want the freedom to weep my sorrows.

love you Evelyn. I love and bless you My wonderful brother David. I weep over you Judy with her incredibly beautiful soprano voice.

I miss you too Ruby that had so often greeted her very troubled little brother as he came over devastated that he was flunking out of College again. Ruby sang at my wedding to the very beautiful Jerelyn.

Ruby had perfect pitch. Her solo at my wedding was astonishingly touching to me and still is.

I so love you my family especially wonderful four Daughters. I am going to stop writing now as I am so worn out. George.

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