Late lessons

A few days ago I I turned 83. When I woke up that morning I wallowed in self doubt. Before long I saw how many people had wished me a happy birthday, I gradually became aware of the friends love and God’s love for me. I decided that I would wallow for awhile in that love, It seemed like a better idea to me.

I have had felt that my days of writing on my website were over. I now realize that I still ma being taught by the Holy Spirit so I am responsible to keep writing. I was wrong to decide that my job of adding to this website was completed, I am still learning daily so I need to keep writing, That means I am unretirering. I am so refreshed by this new way of thinking. Gone are the days of just biding my time,

The New Testament tells me that the Holy Spirit will guide me into all truth. That is different than teaching me all truth. Take the story of the feeding of the 5,00O Which must have been a great lesson about the love of God That was not something taught in a class room. If Jesus had given a lesson on God’s love in a classroom it would have been great but think how much more powerful it would have been since they saw God’s in action. I am learning of Gods’ love not necessarily only in a church sermon but most powerfully by my experience of His/Her love in the daily living of my life.

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