Go For It!!

Here are two program slogans that seem similar to me. The first is “Mind your own business”. The second is “Live and Let live”. MInd your own business says “Take care of your business”. The second says be ever more alive.

Many times people in Al-Anon finally turned their drinker over to God. That decision results in the following. Once the first person got out of the way God could act and help the addicted one.. That is a beautiful reality that happens many times but I think there is more to what has happened than an addicted person getting help.

The program is saying something larger. When I turn things over to God that may well result in the gift of sobriety coming to my loved one but I also need to ‘Let go and let God” so that I can come beautifully to an ever richer life. The suggestion is LIVE!! Be alive. Your being alive will help everyone you know as a secondary result but primarily it will give you the rich and enjoyable zest God longs for you to have.

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