My Giving God

In the past I have had a misunderstanding about God’s love. I felt that if I were to receive God’s gifts in my life I had to meet some performance standard. I had to be good enough to kind of bribe my Higher Power into the action of giving gifts.

I want to tell you a story about a Christmas I had with my kids many decades ago. I gad been give some sheets of flat panelling. The wood was perfect for me to build my kids a dollhouse. The dollhouse I built had linoleum floors in the kitchen and carpet in the other room.I was so proud of what I had done.

When I finished building it, I had to hide the doll house in the garage because Christmas was along time off. When Christmas finally arrived, in the morning the girls rushed into the living room. They saw my masterpiece and were elated. For months, every time I saw them playing with the doll house I felt really good.

I think God loves to give us his/her gifts just like I loved giving my kids gifts. I sometimes imagine the following scene happening in Heaven

One day in Heaven God sees I have opened my heart slightly. God notices my barely open heart and immediately begins shouting to the angels saying “Hurry up grab all the narrow packages and things in envelopes before his heart closes again”. God loves giving us His gifts.

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