Of Such Is the Kingdom of God

I have a good friend who is an artist.. Her paintings feature paintings of children I first saw her art online a few years ago. They are beautiful paintings and I thoroughly enjoyed them. But there was also something strong and mystical in them to me.

As I continue to think about paintings as time has pasted I began to sense there was something very strong about them The paintings feature cute children but the attractiveness of the children was not the issue to me. I began to see the children in the paintings carry the force of very direct inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

They spoke to me of the strength and power within Children. They were of the essence of what it means to be human. They were not so much pictures of small people but instead they revealed the strength and powers that God created into us all of any age.. They depicted the power and purity God meant to be remain in us all of us. big and littl foe all our lives but tend to lose..

Yesterday, I started thinking again about the remark Jesus made. I Paraphrase” Don’t keep the children away form me. It is right they come to me for of such is the kingdom of God”.

Suddenly I saw something.I feel Jesus was saying “Let them come to me because they have what you have lost and desperately need.. You, your groups, your worship centers have all lost and should seek again the love. joy, trust. beauty and goodness that is so obviously seen in their faces of children in these paintings

. Any expressions of The true Kingdom Of God will show what is joyful, gentleness and godliness in children.you have lost those qualities and must humbly seek them again.

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