Taking Offense

The phrase “I took offense” was the topic of the discussion I had with some good friends today. That phrase suggests that some times when I am offended I in fact do not have to be. I take offense when I could have refused to take it so I am offended unnecessarily. I was not some how forced to absorb the remark the other person made. I could have refused it.

That idea is important to me. There is a person in my life that is not close to me emotionally but is a part of of my life that means I see him often. Six months ago we discussed our differences from time to time.. The discussions were often heated. That situation is different now.

I am 81 years old . I am finding that my lifelong need to defend myself no longer serves me. I believe that God has changed my position in life from getting things done to was to just being loving and open.. All those younger times when I took offense and upset myself may have been unproductive and unnecessarily painful. I know often I needed to defend myself but maybe not as often as I imagined.

I am not taking offense with my friend as opportunities to be offended come between us. I can see I have unnecessarily wasted my energy on taking offense when I just as easily could have let so much pain just flow by me. I want to rest in these years and be available to love my way through my days.

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