Thoughts On Mass Murder and Gun Control

I learned to read reading the Old Testament stories. The Exodus was a favorite.I read how Moses sent plagues on Egypt as part of the effort to free the Jews
One of the plagues was the plaque of frogs. They were everywhere over the whole country. The Pharaoh was of course very angry and upset. In rage he called for his own magicians.
The magicians jumped into action. Aba Cadavbra!! Immediately the palace was filled with more frogs. The magicians were so pleased with their success.
That always makes me laugh. Pharaoh was expecting help getting rid of the frogs. What he got was more frogs. I have to wonder how he felt right then.
There are those who are suggesting that we train and arm the teachers. That would suggest to the kids would be that they need to get guns. “If my beloved teachers are carrying I guess that’s what adults do. I can’t wait till I grow up and get me a gun. Maybe I could get one right now “.
Solving a gun problem with more guns reminds me of what happened to Pharaoh. Another case of more frogs
Other right wingers are saying that the kids that are campaigning for sensible gun control are actors hired by the liberal media so they have great stories with which they bamboozle the public.
I have good news for those people. God is so loving
that if they confess their abomination He will forgive them.
Maybe the most important civil right is the Freedom of Speech. I certainly think so. Free Speech has been defined in a limiting way many times. There is no cigarette ads on TV. You can not use your free speech to betray your country. Hate speech is illegal
In the same way, The right to bear Arms needS to be limited in a way the allows people to arm themselves and to enjoy owning aeapons, just not military people killing weapons Also we can restrict people under 21 so they can’t buy killing weapons. or else outlaw large load weapons all together.
The State of Colorado made sensible gun regulation the law after Columbine. So have many other states and municipalities.There is plenty of demonstration that strong gun laws do really work .
“Suffer the little children come unto me for such is the kingdom of god”. [ Jesus]
All my life I have said that this scripture somehow children reflect the larger and greater reality of Kingdom of God. “And a little child shall lead them”.
I now understand things differently. The movement the Florida kids have started is the Kingdom of God. You want to see god working in this country? Watch these high school children. It was young people that moved against the Vietnam War. Young people were the backbone of the Civil Rights movement.Young people stormed the beaches of Normandy.
I bless our kids working so hard to promote make war weapons illegal in this country except for the military.2 Comments

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