My Judy IS Gone

Judy is my just older sister. She died of old age a few days ago just after her 85th birthday. The thing that hurts right now is a did not call her on her very last Birthday. I can do nothing about that but turn it over to God.

My mom and dad moved to San Diego when I was 3. I moved to San Diego with my parents but the rest of the family stayed in Tucson. About a year later the rest of the family except Judy moved to San Diego. She stayed behind in Arizona for years after that.

She was kind of a bribe to the grandparents so my Mom would not feel guilty about moving. Judy’s grandma was priceless and no doubt adored Judy. I have many personal bad feelings about our grandfather based on my own experiences with him. I suspect she was hurt at his hand.

When she came back to San Diego our mother harassed Judy. Mom said “What kind of daughter are you that did not want to be with your own family and prefered to stay in Tucson”. That grossly unfair taunt haunted Judy for many decades.

Judy was a highly artistic and musical person She was also very beautiful as were her sisters. I have seen other artistic people like her that also have had a hard time defending themselves.

In the years she was married and raising her family she lived in Downey. She was a much loved aunt to my four daughters. Judy and her husband had one of the first tv’s that allowed you to watch recorded movies . The only movie Judy had was “The Sound Of Music”. My kids watched that movie at Judy’s so many times they literally memorized it word for word. Going to Judy’s was a great event for my kids. She treated them with so much love and joy they were always thrilled to go visit her.

Judy was very hospitable. When she hosted a family party she prepared most of the food and froze it. That way when she and the family prepared the last few dinner items Judy could join the party at dinner and enjoy it. She had some of the most enjoyable dinner parties we ever had.

I feel I have so much more to say about Judy but writing this much has been hard for me so I will justl share a few memories and quit. For a time I took care o/f my elderly Aunt Nellie. Nellie lived in the next city so visiting Judy happened a lot. Judy’s husband loved soup so Judy and I cooked up huge batches of three kinds of soup and froze it. That way Judy and I could play and not cook when we were together.

Another time when Judy lived with a big deep canyon beyond her back yard Judy lost her purse. Judy asked me to come over and help her find it. When I got there I asked her toddler son if he knew where her purse was, He immediately said “I ‘true’ it in “da” canyon!

I spent a fair amount of time searching the canyon. I soon got very hot in the sun and just exhausted. I was working my way up and out of the Canyon Judy opened her back door and shouted “I found my purse in my closet”.

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