Old Friends

I have a group of friends that have been friends for nearly 50 years. We all had a home church with them for many years. The Children had a story time with our gifted children’s minister first then they went and played. The kids wandered in and out of the adults meeting. One time my Gina wandered in and sat on Dennis lap. 
That happened often. When A Kid came in they sat with a randomly selected elder not always their parents. When Gina sat on Dennis lap she listened to Dennis”s difficulty intently. Finally she said Dennis “If you don’t use it you will lose it”. She was 7 or so. 
Nobody laughed. They all took her comment seriously and in doing so honored her. 
The group and I have had serious differences. I am a bleeding heart liberal and all the rest are conservative except for Dennis. He is a Constitutionalist. We long ago decided the differences did not matter when compared with the eternal love we have for each other.

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