Beating Fear

Living fearlessly…..Christ once said that if we had faith mustard seed we could move mountains. When he said that he was on less on the size of our faith and more on the size of our God.In other words, he was saying that the tiniest faith in such an enormously powerful God would produce stunningly great results.
When God met with Moses and asked Moses to take on the Pharaoh of Egypt Moses was considering whether he had the personal power to get the job done. God wanted to change Moses point of you to what God and Moses working together get done.
A While back I found myself asking Myself the question “What would I do without God. in that moment I realized what a foolish question that was.

George Caywood without God does not exist and never ever has existed. George Caywood with out God does not exist George Caywood without God is a creation of my imagination. He is as imaginary as Donald Duck.

Therefore as I consider what I could get done if I am working in partnership with the Almighty God I need to adjust my thinking so I can see I am linked internally eternally with God.

Therefore I do not need to be afraid of the Pharaohs in my my life. I am not limited by my natural abilities. as God used Moses very ordinary shepherds rod to do big things God can use the very ordinary things about me in powerful ways that would be surprising to me.

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