Spiritual Maturity

I read an understanding of Christian maturation years ago. It changed me then and supports me now.In the first state folks are living in Chaos.

To Get out of chaos many folks seek Spiritual Rebirth. I did it at Church at church seeking Rebirth . Then still part of the second stage seeking the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.The chaos became more or less under control.ill there was this voice I couldn’t control telling me there was still much voice telling there was more, much more.

Here is the problem I had. Once I gained my escape from chaos I got stuck. Each time I felt urged by God to move forward another step toward Her/Him fear stopped me. The fear was if I seriously look for more I might offend or God or betray scripture I might fall back into Chaos. I couldn’t stop the urge to move closer to God to find something more intimate with God fear stopped me. I was frozen by the fear of Chaos.

In time my frustration grew more and more dominating. Circumistance and misery Drove me to Al-Anon. I finally committed to program. I made a thorough commitment too. The truth is if I could have thought of something else to try first I would have tried it. i was simply out of anything else I could try..When my dear nephew Larry asked me why I had committed myself so deeply to Al-Anon I answered “Well Larry it was it was either I would commit or die”. Kiddingly I said “Being the smart sort of guy I am I chose program.

In Al-anon I worked the steps with my sponsor. when we finally got to the 11th step we got to Step 11. There I read “Sought through prayer and meditation to improve my conscious contact with God”.

I gradually worked on my prayer and meditation Also I gradually began to feel intimacy with God. I have more intimacy with God did then. Now my intimacy with God has stoked an ever deeper and warm desire to be ever more intimate with God

I have learned that seeking intimacy with God is an limitless endeavor. I can always gain more intimacy.It also seems to me that unlimited wisdom is now limited and so is unlimited power. I have to wait for heaven to know unlimited power and wisdom.

Howeverthere is no limit on love for God and my neighbor It is only limited by my courage and my faith.

,As It says in 1st John “Behold, what manner of love is this that we should be called the Sons of God. Being God’s child is an act o God’s grace that is beyond I can ever imagine.

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