My daughters and granddaughters are all atheists. I have been deeply spiritually based all my life. I have been asked several times if it bothers me that none of  my immediate family go to church or believe in God. I answer not in the least. It is of no concern  to me.

When I am asked if I believe in God I answer “You will have too tell me what you think the word believe means to you. I seldom get a clear answer to that question.

To me, belief in god does not mean I have examined all the evidence and determined god exists, The trouble with that approach is that I can see no evidence either way whether or not there is a god. I also discount that I believe in god because of the fact that I was raised Christian although that is a major factor in my life. What then do I mean when I say I believe in God. I simply mean that I am entirely prepared to bet my remaining years on the idea that God loves me and everyone else and is there to help me and everyone else.

I am no fan of religion. I have long since quit going to church. The thing that matters to me is spirituality. By that I mean that I value being a good person who is, loving, accepting, merciful and helpful to others. My daughters and granddaughters have all those qualities which makes me very happy. My sisters are all church going people. That is good by me but the important thing is that they are also loving helpful people. I have observed them all reaching out to help people all their lives. That is spirituality to me.

If I see you are a spiritual person I am always interested in your personal history. I am fascinated by your journey. It is always in some ways similar to mine and in other ways unique to you. However, what maters to me is not your journey but what matters to me because that as I meet you today you are spiritual.

My daughters were all attractive and intelligent girls. I remember telling them many times “I am glad you are smart and pretty, I enjoy that, However what matters to me is that you grow up to be kind merciful caring women. It delights me that they and the the granddaughters are exactly that but I want to include the fact that I have completely lost contact with my third daughter for about 15 years. That is my wound that will not heal.


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