String Of Pearls 55

These are ideas I need to remember

-That I need to mind my own business.

  • -That the first word of the 12 steps is we. There is no substitute for the loving help I receive from other members. I could not be a loner and work my program.
  • -I was full of murderous rage when I began in Al-Anon. I am so much better now. after 
  • -That when I tried to love my ex-wife into being the woman I wanted her to be, it was manipulation. I cruelly, did not give her one day where I fully accepted her for the fine person she already was.
  • -That I did not trust process. If I could not do it well the first time, I did not do it at all.
  • -That for me, there is no such thing as fast process. If I reject slow progress, I end up with no progress.
  • -That I need to use the tools of my program faithfully, and leave the job of changing my character and personality to God.
  • -That I can not get bread at the hardware store. I should not expect people to give me what they do pot have.
  • That since I have a right to feel safe it is fair to weed out of my life those who are consistently problematic for me.
  • That “Letting go” and “Letting God” are the opposite sides of the same coin. “Letting go” is “Letting God” and “Letting God” is “Letting go.” They are the same act for me.

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