String Of Pearls 54

-I am taking care of business: mine not yours.

  • -What can I occupy myself with that is different from the the thing with which I am obsessing.
  • -The quality of my problems is improving.
  • -If I can’t comfortably say no, it is not a relationship.
  • -Do I give myself away so that people will like me? If I do I need quit doing that immediately. Of course I can not cure my mind with my sick mind. I need help.
  • -Some new what ifs: What if I trust? What if I rest? What if I give up worry? 
  • -I am finally getting it. The only person with the ability to meet my needs is me.
  • -Sometimes the love at a meeting rolls over me like the surf. It comes to me in waves,  over and over and over again.
  • -I most likely have the very thing I most deeply long to have. I just need eyes to see it, ears to hear it, a nose to catch it’s fragrance, and nerve endings to feel its caress.
  • -A necessary life skill I need to prosper: Living with pain in a way I can learn from it.
  • -I only have one life to live. Let it be my own.

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