String Of Pearls 44

  • Many times my character defects are best seen as self defense. Character defects are of no value as defense mechanism. Character defenses actually make you much more vulnerable to pain
  • The insight a desperate person finally sees: “There must be a better way I will pay any price to get the help I need.
  • A recovery strategy: A. Uncover B. Discover C.Discard . When I couldn’t face the uncovering the of my character defects  I needed to keep coming back to Al-Anon until I discovered the amazing support I have from fellow program members and also discover the powerful love of my Higher Power despite any character defect. God loves me the same on my worse day as She/He does on my best day.
  • Hubris: “God I don’t need you yet. I will call you when I need you
  • One time my sponsor teased me about my reluctance to pray. When I said to her “I better pray about this” she said, ”Wow, I didn’t know things were that desperate”
  • 12 Step programs are simple but hard.
  • Serving God is a blast. That was a surprise to me. I thought God would send me to some terrible place as a missionary. Instead my Higher Power slowly but steadily moved me toward the situation that best suited me and best fulfilled me.
  • What God reveals, God heals.

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