String Of Pearls 43

The following ideas have helped me.

  • I have to be willing to start  across the bridge of recovery and leave people on the other side.
  • When one person in a relationship starts to get healthy, the other person will either get better too, or he will begin to get worse.
  • My program has made my dark past my greatest asset because because  what I have learned in my escape gives me understanding of what my sponsee’s are going through.
  • Obsession is not love or self love.Obsession blocks my healthy self respect and isolates me from other people.
  • This is a program where we take our car back to the manufacturer so it can be the expert.
  • I have learned that even when I am badly frightened, I can do still do what I need to do while I am scared.
  • Nothing changed in my life situation as I recovered except how I think.
  • The 3 M’s: Masking tape over Mom’s mouth
  • The 3 D’s: Duct tape blocking Dad’s responses to daughters.

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