/The coming back to life message in easter involves Jesus og course but it is importantly it is also meant tfor each of us. No matter how dysfunctional my life is I can bring it back to radiant life. Recovery is not easy and it hurts but iot is altogether dpoabe. God always ready assist if we understand the rules. God never never imposes change onto sick beliefs and self deals IF I AM readyWILLING TO ENDURE THE WORK OF GETTING MY DOUBTS AND FEAR DEALT GOD will help us rreavh any appropriate life goal. I will never be a A NBA star or a nuclear scientist, God will help me reach any goal that fires me..

I realize I will nverr get health on my own self help. I will need help from other people and sources to get well. The help is available to you with effort abd hard work. If you do not succeed in your task of getting healthy God will welcome you into Heaven. The idea that you could never be accepted in Heaven you can and will be, The idea that Heaven is closed to you you are beliving a wicke lie of the devil God Is Love and His and your sin is no match for His love.

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