Where I live in a Senior Care facility. We have meals at 7,00AM,11,oo AM and $ PM. People likeme have things like Tables to eating. Near the Big window viewing a lovely Garden area and so on. I lke to sit near the windows viewing the garden,

There is a very nice abundance of 2 or 4 sitting seats,. and so on. Yesterday I was the first one in the line which gave me a little power.

Anyone can seat wherever they like. Typically the line on the right is shorter and mostly female, The line on right is longer mixed and male female in the line.

If I am the lead spot holder. Without thinking I motiiioned the ladies line into the dining roos. A tall, unpleasnt man called me an asshole. I turned slightly and Said “The only asshole here is the guy screaming that att me that I am an asshole.:.He sreamed at me and forced/his way into the dining room. and running past me and knocking me around abit. I knocked him back too.

The guy would have been ok with the management if. he had not made a scene. I knew what was going and stayed calm,. That gave me the ability to gloat a bit over him,. Then I could have gloated a bit and felt superior.

Feeling supior showed how at my best level I have plenty of room for growth because. I enjoyed feeling superior more than I liked, The truth is.there maybe I had been put in a no winner situation; Who knows, I don;t know or do not want to know how I could have improved my feelings, …… As I look back at yesterday I had to laugh at how important it was to me to be the winner.of that little two person test; Love, George

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