I live in a very nice apartment but not over whelming one bedroom apartment for which I am very grateful. I live about a mile from the Pacific Ocean. and about 30 miles from The San Gabriel mountains. I have been here for a few decades now.

I have been involved with my 12 Step program also for few decades. I love my program. and attended 3 or 4 meetings a week nearly every week . That means I had many friends to visit with.

The problem for me is that the pandemic has made my my program cut way down. I can still read program material, make phone calls, meet people for a meal and so on but I am missing the very full life I once had.

Years ago I read a book that gave me an insight into the good life.The book said That Endurance is what God gives me all the endurance I need and and expects me to practice that endurance way on a daily, weekly, or hourly or minute by minute way as needed if I want to lead the strong rich life I so strongly desire.

I love to meditate on what Jesus said when he was

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