The Day The Sun Stood Still

There is a great story in the Old Testament. On this day The Israeli army was defeating the army of a neighboring nation. The problem was that The Israeli general realized that it was going be dark before before he was finished defeating his foe. The general’s solution was to ask God to stop the sun from moving. God held the sun in it’s place for him so in the end the general won his battled.

I will not try to make any explanations because it does not matter to me. My only point is I enjoy this story. It is a favorite of mine.

In the New Testament it says there is no shadow of turning in God’s love, Imagine that you are enjoying God love so full of light. Then you noticed the sun had stopped moving so that God’s love never stops shining on you. No matter what else happens, no matter the sickness or money problems you might come to you, you are still covered with Love

Jesus was very honest with us. He said “In this world you will have tribulation”. Nothing in God’s love nothing protects me from heartaches. If I lose a child I know that the very second my child dies she is in Heaven completely fulfilled, completely enjoying herself, able to walk in and be with God any old time the thought runs through mind she and God are having a staggeringly joyful time together.

At one time in my life I was CEO of Union Rescue Mission of Los Angeles. They gave me a glowing letter telling what a wonderful job I was doing. Within a few days after that they fired me. I was so resentful. I raged and raged for a few days.

Now as I look back on that on my firing I feel that if I could still find the board members I would give them a great big hug of gratitude. I am 82 years old I have a very good life. The reason I have a good life is because over the years that have transpired I have seen a very long list of character defects that God has helped me see and then helped me clean up.

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