Being Female

I have four sisters, four daughters and four granddaughters. I guess I must be a specialist in females. I love that. With the females I love being damaged of course I have become an active feminist

The way I think about it…we have abuse at the individual level, workplace inequities at the organization level, and deeply rooted sexism throughout systems in our patriarchal society. The fact that we elected a president who bragged about assaulting women says a lot. The discrination sometimes seemed like an accepted reality. I hate that.

There is this too. Men who feel intrinsicly better than females deny themselves so much meaning. It is said that a couple only has good sex when it is wonderful to both partners.

Men who discriminate deny themselves oceans of deep, rewarding satisfaction. Discrimination by men not only damages the life of women it also damages the man’s ability to find satifaction. If I were to have that prejudice I would lose half of what it means to be fully human. Prejudiced men also lose so much.

For me, loving and apprecating females opens me up to the incredible adventure of evermore delighting in sharing life with the women and girls I love Never mind exploring space or far away places I have never been those types of adventure lack the depth of the posibilities that exploring the mysterious depth there is in the adventure of knowing a woman ever more deeply gives a man.When i want to know my woman ever better as the months, years and decades roll by

women have a mysterious, delightful and unknowable mysticism about them. That is part of what makes them so delightful. Even if I am in a 50 year happy mariage my wife can still surprises me.

The wonder of womanhood makes the abuse of woman impossibly tragic. I want to write about that tragedy another time but right now I want to celebrate the wonder of being a wonder of being a woman.

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