No Condemnation

When you get a compliment, don’t let it go to your head. Instead, take it to heart.

Discounting the obvious and indulging in denial both lead me to disaster.

Seven words spoken to me that gave me new life: “Let me take you to a meeting.”

Burying my secrets is a one day at a time suicide. Secrets killed my life for to many years.

Generally speaking, in California, you don’t have to go to jail if you don’t break the law. What if all the jails were torn down so that there were no jails into which you could be thrown? That is the way it is with condemnation. God has taken condemnation out of the universe. Condemnation is completely destroyed. All I need is to realize that and accept it. If I do that, any desirable attitude change becomes imminent.

All the condemnation I experience comes from my fears, not from God.

I have no right to expect a pain free life. I have to learn to trust God with my pain so that I can learn from it.

My depression is a bio-chemical defect not a character defect.

I believe in prayer and medication.

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