The Love Of Money

I think everyone should consider the advice that Jesus gave. If we had we may have thought differently about voting for Trump. The trouble was that Hillary also was a lover of money. Bernie was the only candidate that passed this test. I would have voted for him except I was afraid of rump. [Oops, A Freudian slip. Do you know about Freudian slips? They are black and lacey. ]

It is a good thing to be rich if you are like the Gates. They made a nearly an infinite amount of money, were not satisfied with money and turned to vigorously to helping others. My granddaughters Parker Mayer and Greta Mayer stated a nonprofit called Nerdy Girls to help girls consider technical careers in part because of what Gates has done.

The problem comes when you worship money. I think that depending upon anything for security and joy becomes idolatry. There is so much power and wisdom in the quote “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and her/his righteousness and all the rest comes your way.” [Modified by king george]

If you are interested, I published a book called “Escaping Materialism” I named it that because I realized that materialism was a cruel and greedy monster that I desperately wanted to escape. I sensed the love of money was deep in my heart.

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