Praying Like An Excited Little Girl

My good friend Linda wrote this a few days ago. on FB. It displayed her natural Little Girl relationship with God. She isn’t religious in an unnatural way but she . She reminds me of my daughters when they were little. I use this with her permission.

Green acres chronicles # 101– are you ever surprised by an answered prayer? I am. Tonight I chatted with a dear one I was praying for regarding a certain business meeting yesterday. Personally it didn’t look like it was gonna go well. So much on the line. And being classic “Nordic in the dark ominous bleak grey of winter ” I wanted to brace myself and them for a possible tenuous outcome. That was my crappy advice, but fortunately the ace in my back pocket is I’m also a relentless and hopeful and hope- filled pray-er. The holy book says that as children of the most high God, we can boldly approach the throne. Well, the middle child in me interprets this as my Father gives me the divine wink and a nod that says I’m allowed to do so in a manner of ” storming the gates!” And so I do. My approach is so unladylike and unrefined but my Heavenly Father knows me well and welcomes my crashing the party without my standing on pimp and circumstance. It’s a ” come as you are, ask what you want, and say what you need. And that’s an okay way to get our intimate conversation started…” … that’s the safe place to be in prayer: outrageous, awkward, defiant, petrified, vulnerable , weary, questioning, unsure, and fearful and fearless, sometimes in the same breath. Sometimes my favorite prayers are visualizing and placing folks and situations in my hands and presenting them toward heaven. As an offering and a gift and a request. The situation is too complex for me to reduce to mere confined words so I raise my hands to my Heavenly Father as if it was a scene from the Lion King. And this time, for my dear one I did a bit of both: storming the gates and the Lion King raising of hands in prayer with their name in the epicenter. And as Annie lamott reminds us : God is such a show-off that way. I learned today that the meeting went way beyond hopes and expectations and they were so hopeful about where they were going as a result of the meeting. So tonight I pray 3 different prayers. ” thank you God. Thank you. Thank you….. Amen” So say we all. Ahhhh and now for the exhale of shalom. goodnight, L 🙂

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