Dogs We Have Loved and Lost

In my family,when a bunch of us are together at dinner we sometimes toast”To the dogs we have loved and lost”. For me it is the two Boppys, Reepicheep, Dodger and Dandy, They were dogs of my youth or the dogs of my kids youth. Then there are Raven, Maggie and Max who are the dogs my daughters lost.

When I lost the Boppy by poisoning I wrote my brother in law in Korea to share my grief. He wrote back “If God keeps his eye upon a sparrow Surely he will watch over a fine dog Like Boppy”. When my little sister Ruth was a toddler she would try to say puppy it came out Boppy. it was so cute I named my dogs Boppy..

Maggie and Thor[Still alive]  would smell me coming up the sidewalk to Gina and Chad’s house both would whine until I got the door open. At Jill’s house there are Harley and Scooteney  that love for me to pet them.

They are all enormous gifts to me. If they are gone I miss them terribly.


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