Cross and Resurrection

The pattern suggested by Christ is that we are never called to the cross. Instead we are called through the Cross to the resurrection. He said “Take up your cross and follow me”. He went through the cross to a new eternal lifeI have heard it said that God sends me problems to teach me a lesson.

I suppose that idea mayy have a measure of truth but it doesn’t make sense to me. In the first place it seems like a waste of effort on God’s part. I have all necessary hardships in the process of living that I need to be taught any truth I need. The idea that God sends me trials to teach me a lesson is an idea idea can be very harmful to me.

When my dad shot himself with my gun I was of course devastated. In an effort to help me find peace Christian folk said that I would need to accept my dad’s death as God’s will. Being the person I am I set out to love a God that willed my dad’s death. That amplified the fears I have always fought to a screaming level. Of course I didn’t scream out loud because I had to suppress those screams to keep on enduring what I had to endure.

When I was in my 30s, I read in the book of Romans ” All things work together for good…” I instantly saw my problem. I do not have to say all things ARE good just believe that if I turn my will and my life over to the care of God the issues of my life are translated into events that are painful to remember but work together to bring me good.

I felt an instant release of pressure. I knew if God could use the death of his son to bring salvation to the entire world, God could use anything in my past, present or future to bring growth

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